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Facts and Guides About Eyebrow Microblading Fresno


Facts and Guides About Eyebrow Microblading Fresno

What is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent procedure of filling in your eyebrows, leaving you with perfect and uniform brows. No more need to spend precious minutes of those rush hour mornings, trying to make perfect eyebrows that not only has to match each other, but you have to work with the added pressure of being late to the office. With a microblading procedure, you don’t need to use any eyebrow product anymore!

How does it work?

It is a process that is very similar to getting a tattoo. Ink is filled in a microblade, that is placed in a user-friendly pen structure, which is then used on the eyebrows. The microblade creates superficial cuts where you want it, filling it with ink. The blade is super thin, to imitate the look of hair. The only difference between microblading and tattooing is that the ink used is very less compared to that of a tattoo, making this procedure semi-permanent.

Things to consider before Microblading your eyebrows:

• A procedure like microblading doesn’t come cheap. Ranging from $200 to $2000, Microblading is available, depending on your budget and how professional you want it to look. The more expensive the process is, the better your eyebrows are going to look.

Also, most of the doctors will require you to make a second appointment for touch-ups, which will cost less than the initial procedure. But since this effect will stay for a year or two, it is a bargain considering the amount spent on eyebrow products.

• Similar to tattooing, this procedure is going to hurt, and rightly so. It is making tiny cuts on your eyebrows and filling it with ink. So it is going to hurt, become red and inflamed. But this doesn’t last long. Once the cuts are healed, the eyebrows will look natural and beautiful.

• Most doctors will ask you not to wet the area for a week to ten days. So make sure to keep your face dry, especially during showers. This also includes sweating or using moisturizers and makeup to the area. Since it will be an open wound, it is better to avoid these to [prevent any infection. Water will also lighten the pigment in the ink.

• Let the eyebrows grow. Before the procedure, do not wax or thread the area, to build the shape. Microblading includes pre-shaping, to see where it needs to be filled.

• Be prepared to sit for a minimum of a half-hour to two, without moving, wear comfortable clothes if it helps.

With Microblading, you can now have perfectly thick eyebrows every day! Done worry about your eyebrows going out of fashion! This procedure is semi-permanent, to help you keep up with the changing trends. In a happening place like Fresno, California, there is no shortage of cosmetologists and surgeons, for microblading.

There are many Eyebrow Microblading Fresno based Doctors, who can guide you through the whole procedure, along with the care that is needed to be taken, after the procedure is done. 

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