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Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup tattoo (either it is Eyebrow Microblading Fresno or Eyelash Microblading Fresno) that mimics natural fine hairs. It typically lasts 1-2 years with one touch-up session. This is the refined technique of manually depositing small and precisely placed, molecules of pigment directly into the dermis layer of the skin with a specialized pen, it does not involve the use of a machine. It’s recommended for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. Although its semi-permanent microblading Clovis is still considered a tattoo so here are some things to know before booking your appointment. Please read before booking!

  • Microblading is not for those who are prone to keloid
  • You can not have Microblading done while pregnant
  • Although you are numbed beforehand, it may hurt average rating is 3/10 for pain
  • It is a process! The healing process is 2 weeks followed by a touch up done 6-8 weeks after first session
Eyebrow Microblading Fresno


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